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Recipe: Dean Winchester Approved Berry Pie


The one skill I became really happy about learning after watching Supernatural was pie making. I’d get killed immediately upon encountering a supernatural creature, but at least I could keep Dean from getting upset with me about the lack of pie. If you’re intimidated by baking, don’t worry because I’m pretty sure Dean himself could make this with no problems, and you could probably master it by the time season 9 comes along.

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Checklist: Things All Supernatural Fans Should Do

Carry on, my wayward son… When you’re a fan of Supernatural, things tend to get out of hand. One moment, you’re hearing the words “Dad’s gone on a hunting trip and he hasn’t been home in a few days”, next moment you’re sobbing over Destiel fanfiction with a word count of approximately seventy thousand and a plot more convoluted than the entire timeline of Doctor Who. (What, that’s never happened to you? Well, this is awkward.) In any case, we here at have come up with a perfect bucket list of all the things the average Supernatural fan should do at least once in their lifetimes.

WARNING: This may contain spoilers and some of the items on the bucket list should be performed under the watchful eye of a seraph or two or not at all.

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SUPERNATURAL Drinking Game of Doom – Happy New Year!

supernatural drinking game of doom

Christmas Day was Tuesday… but New Year’s Day is Tuesday too! Okay, no, you’ve probably heard this one today once or twice… an hour… at least… I’ll stop now. However, seeing as it’s New Year’s Day, we have only two things to do: celebrate the fact that the world has yet to be destroyed, and get drunk. We here at 3 Chic Geeks have come up with a foolproof way of getting drunk – the ULTIMATE Supernatural drinking game. If you’re not drunk five minutes into the episode, then we’re pretty sure you’re not watching Supernatural. Read on to see the rules of the drinking game, and remember to drink responsibly. Or at least semi-responsibly.

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Ultimate Supernatural Holiday Gift Guide 2012


Do you have that one friend who cries when Kansas’s Carry On Wayward Son is played? That one friend who is constantly dying of a disease they consistently refer to as “Destiel Feels”? Do they spend hours waxing poetic about the depths of Misha Collins’s eyes? Do they scream every time a black late-sixties Chevy Impala drives by? And do they carry salt, a rosary and a Bible with them everywhere (and when you ask why, they gaze at you with sadness and pity in their eyes)? Well, your friend is probably into Supernatural like we’re into Jared Padalecki’s abs. Seeing as we are such helpful, kind people, we have prepared a handy-dandy sonic gift guide for you. It’s a little something that goes beyond the basic bag of rock salt and flask of holy water, and your demon hunting friend will most certainly love finding ALL of these under their tree… if they have a tree, that is. For all we know they’ll be stuck in a rubbish motel because they’re out looking for their dad who went on a hunt and hasn’t been back in a while and oh okay feels… excuse me, I have to go weep uncontrollably now.

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