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Happy Valentine’s Day From 3 Chic Geeks!


Ahh, can you smell the love in the air? It’s February – which means roses, chocolate at ridiculously cheap prices, lovey-dovey couples and a plethora of brand-new fics with ALL of our favorite pairings. Seriously, Valentine’s Day is the best if you ship rarepairs because everyone comes out with a ficlet at the very least. Woes of rarepair shippers aside, it’s the season for madness and excitement. Here at 3 Chic Geeks, we asked the illustrious Baker Street Babes to be our valentines this year – and to our surprise, they said yes! We have thought long and hard about what kind of Valentine’s Day tribute would be appropriate, but in the end we took some shots and wrote these glorious poems. However, before you read these, we suggest you check out the BSB website, twitter, and facebook… because we love them with jetpacks.

Okay, have you checked them out? Liked? Followed? Good. Now, sit back, relax and enjoy this traditional Earth custom of writing silly poetry to express one’s jetpacks. Because, jetpacks.

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Gift Guide: Valentine’s Ideas for Your Vampire Lover


Today is February 13th, and we all know what that means! Everyone is scrambling at the last minute to figure out what to give their Valentine tomorrow. While we’ve already assisted those dating zombies and supervillains, we realized that those who date vampires may face even bigger problems. This realization, of course, came hot on the tails of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson winning Virgin Media Awards‘s Hottest Male & Female Movie Actor, respectively. Vampires are all the rage, and chances are, at least one of you is dating a vampire. Thus, here are some last-minute Valentine’s ideas for your Vampire significant other. Our suggestions may be altered to suit humans as well if you’re dating a boring mortal.

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Gift Guide: Supervillain Valentine’s Day of Doom

supervillain valentine

As February 14 came closer, we here at 3 Chic Geeks sat down and thought really hard: what in the name of Lucifer’s sparkly pink wings are we going to get for our Valentines? Well, it just so happens that I am burdened with a great and glorious purpose… and am also a supervillain. Pleased to meet you,  hope you’ve guessed my name. This gift guide will break down everything your evil genius significant other could possibly desire for Valentine’s Day (other than possibly a weapon that would eradicate all future Valentine’s Days from existence because that is totally what an evil genius would want the most). So sit back, relax, and find some henchmen to follow this list to the word for you – although you’ll want to read it beforehand. Continue reading


Gift Guide: Valentine Ideas for Your Zombie Significant Other

Zombie Love is so cute. (Source)

Shopping for Valentine’s presents can be really tricky. You want a gift that is thoughtful and romantic but not SO thoughtful and romantic that it implies your relationship is in places that it isn’t ready to go. Or if your relationship is in that place you have to make sure the gift lives up to your sig other’s expectations. It’s an exhausting balancing act.

Imagine how much more difficult this is when you’re dating a zombie. I mean, what does one buy the undead that really says “I care about you… also, thank you for not eating my brains.”

Luckily we’ve done the brainstorming for you. Here is a list of appropriate potential gifts for your zombie lover that goes beyond the standard human flesh. Incidentally, these gifts are also appropriate for any special humans in your life who also really love zombies.

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