Three Chic Geeks

For the nerdy and proud. Warning: spontaneous geekgasms may occur.

Meet the Geeks

Meet Critique Geek

Meet Freak Geek

Meet Unique Geek



4 thoughts on “Meet the Geeks

  1. Hi Geeks – you clearly don’t need this given your page views, but I love your blog since a friend liked you on facebook the other day, so I’ve ‘nominated’ you for the fun-pass-it-on ‘Liebster award’ – have a look at my latest post to see read about it, and then pass it along yourself to recognise new(ish) and growing blogs. Ellen

  2. By “district” do you mean Hunger Games?

  3. I’ve nominated you guys for the Very Inspiring Blogger award. Congrats from me 🙂

  4. I have nominated you for a Liebster Award because I really enjoy visiting your blog!

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