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Unique Geek

uniqueName: Cecelia

Race: Lorrdian

House: Ravenclaw

District: 7

Middle Earth Residence: Mirkwood

Secret Alter Ego: Warrior Princess of the Amazons

Other: Not your housekeeper. Rude and not Ginger.

Find me here: TwitterTumblr, email:

Cecelia’s Mother craved two things during her pregnancy: Mexican food and Science Fiction. Cecelia is proud to say her passion for both continued post-womb and well into adulthood. She spent most of her childhood reading Roald Dahl perched in a tree or watching E.T. or Star Wars on VHS tapes her Mother had recorded off of the TV for her while she chain stitched an entire skein of yarn or methodically made sun catchers from waxed paper and tiny squares of tissue paper.

Cecelia’s forays into the world of blogging have been varied and mostly personal, her peak of silly daily blogging was way back when Xanga was a thing. This is her first time sharing the crafts she does to keep herself busy when out of work which, as an actor in New York, is a common occurrence. Her art background includes several regional awards and recognitions for her sculpture and watercolor works and her visual art as well as her photography portfolio are available upon request.

One thought on “Unique Geek

  1. Just saw you interviewed in Time Out New York (which I get here in Corvallis, OR — don’t ask me why). Nicely done!

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