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Critique Geek

Name: Amber

Race: Cylon

House: Slytherin

District: 5

Middle Earth Residence: Rivendell

Secret Alter Ego: Sherlock

Other: Proud member of Loki’s Army

Find me here: Twitter, Tumblr, email:

Amber spent nearly all of her free time as a kid (and much of her time in class) reading fantasy and science fiction books. Soon this love of speculative fiction turned into a fascination with all things geeky and fantastical. Now at the ripe age of 22, she can proudly say that this fascination shows no sign of relenting any time soon.

Our Critique Geek enjoys finding ways to put a geeky spin on all her passions, including beauty and fashion. She even managed to work Lord of the Rings or Battlestar Galactica references into nearly every course she took during college, much to the delight and/or exasperation of her professors (responses were varied, you see). While she has contributed it a few different blogs in the past, this will be her first full-time venture into the blogosphere.

Resume available upon request.

One thought on “Critique Geek

  1. you live in rivendell? show me the way……..I’m there Aragon is my hero, and well the ladies in Lord of the Rings, need I say??lol

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