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Gift Guide for Bones Fans

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Though Valentine’s day has come and gone, I felt as if February wouldn’t be complete without an homage to one of my favorite shows – Bones. There have been many evenings spent shipping Hodgins and Angela… and many more wondering just when in the name of Angel’s badass leather trench coat were Bones and Booth going to get together. The latter took… a while. So, in the honor of the Month of Love and Shipping, we proudly present to you… a gift guide for Bones fans.

1. The “Cocky” belt buckle.

Booth is legendary for flaunting the FBI dress code. His favorite accessory – definitely the belt buckle. You know you want one. As a bonus, get the definitely not regulation stripey socks, also. How else will you express your individuality if not with stripey socks?  $9.67,

2. Jeffersonian Anthropology Unit Patch.

Want to show off your love of Bones and anthropology? Or do you perchance need to pass for a member of the Jeffersonian Anthropology unit for some mysterious reason? If the latter, are you perchance a Winchester? If this is the case, we recommend getting a patch. Just sew it onto your clothes in a convenient place and point at it if anyone asks what you’re doing burning bones at five in the morning. $7-19,

3. Brennan’s dolphin ring.

Bones has got a dolphin ring. Dolphins are cool. Bones is also cool. Don’t you want to be like Bones? Sterling silver 9mm Dolphin ring, $16.05,

4. King of the Lab t-shirt.

Did you find the crucial piece of evidence in this episode? Congratulations, you’re king of the lab! Good on you. Have a t-shirt. $19.95,


5. “Squints Rock” sticker.

Do you want to show your appreciation of the “squints”? Well, a sticker might be the easiest way to go there. Just slap a sticker on anything (or anyone) that needs to appreciate the squints more! Squints Rock sticker, $5.95 for a sheet of 20,

6. The soundtrack to your OTP.

You definitely need a soundtrack. May we recommend Foreigner? If you can’t dig Booth and Bones singing Hot Blooded karaoke, you suck (and not in the good way). The Very Best and Beyond – Foreigner, $7.74,


Big thank you to Mummy Dearest for assisting me with this gift guide. You’re the best!

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